What is M.A.D?

1996, its a few years ago, we cant even remember if the wonderful world wide web had even really been invented! One thing is for sure, we loved bikes and riding back then just as much as we do now.


The M.A.D Team have long established themselves at the top of the Mountainbike Stunt Demo tree, after over a decade of performing shows through-out various industries, featuring at professional world-class events. The brainchild of the infamous Giles Wolfe, M.A.D has dedicated itself to promoting a healthy and positive outlook on Mountainbiking and Cycling in general. Our target focal point is Mountainbike Trials, taking elements from Street/Natural and Competition riding, M.A.D merges specific key elements of its own into the pot to produce inspiring, educational and breathe-taking shows.


With an immense fan base world-wide and an endless season of shows, M.A.D has grown from strength to strength. Thanks to the support of it's devoted management team and the phenomenal Team Riders, M.A.D Sponsors and the fans, M.A.D is renowned as the UK's most premier and requested Mountainbike Stunt Display Team.


Boasting some of Europe’s finest riders, mixed with Trials Stars from the past decade, M.A.D has no problem performing more than one show in any place at any time. 2008 and 2009 saw 3 M.A.D teams performing in different towns and cities all over the UK and at times featuring in Europe, at the same time.


2010 has seen us performing in Mumbai and Bahrain with more international projects planned for this year.


M.A.D is a business, but it's managed by passionate people and the Team really work hard together to promote the sport which we all love unconditionally.


As we have been told by previous event organizers, our passion and professionalism shows in abundance...we are proud of what we have achieved and intend to embrace the next generation of Trials riders that will add there names to The MAD Teams proud history books. We were the first Trials Stunt Team in the country and we will be the last.


M.A.D was a dream that has created new dreams, new visions, new styles...a dream now a very real reality!


If you’re looking for a professional, self contained, versatile, experienced, action-packed and established organization to feature at any kind of event, or represent your brand or organization then please drop us a line...


M.A.D is at the fore-front of their industry...why not join us and share our proud road to success!